How Do Thieves Manage to Pick Locks—And Can You Prevent Them From Doing So?

Burglars have been successfully picking locks for years now. Even with securer locking systems being developed they have found ways to work around the system to gain access to commercial and residential properties. Understanding the techniques they use to pick locks can help you make your property safer.

Here are some common techniques used to pick locks:

Cylinder snapping

With just a pair of pliers and a screwdriver, burglars can break a lock and enter a property. The pliers and screwdriver are used to break into PVC doors, especially when cheap locks are used.

Burglars manage to gauge whether a good quality lock has been used or not. Once they are sure it’s made of cheap quality, they can easily open PVC doors. This technique has been used by locksmiths too to help people who have been locked out of their apartments.

The only way to prevent this is to have the most heavy-duty lock system installed in your home. Make sure your main door is also sturdy and can withstand pressure.

Spare keys

If a burglar is lucky, they don’t even need to pick your door’s lock. Your spare key gives them access to your home without having to put in much effort. Hiding a spare key outside your home is a very dangerous thing to do. While it might be there for your convenience, it gives burglars easy access to your home and you won’t even realize until much later. Homeowners still keep their spare keys in obvious places like the top of the door, in a flower pot, and under the door mat.

If you have been keeping a spare key outside, please stop doing so. It only makes your home more susceptible to burglars and intruders. You’re better off having a locksmith visit your home to let you back in.

With a sharp object

Picking a door can be really easy. A sharp object is sufficient to pick a lock. If a burglar is dealing with a privacy door knob, a thing and long object can open the lock. A tiny screwdriver, hair pin, and even a paperclip can be used. Try using a sharp object to pick the lock while simultaneously turning the doorknob.

Close-up Photography of Gray Stainless Steel Door Lever and Lock

 Removing the door knob

If the sharp object technique doesn’t work, the door knob can be removed too. A screwdriver can undo the screws on either side of the doorknob to reveal the lock system. Removing the lock allows a burglar to easily enter your home.

To make your home securer, have a reliable locksmith install heavy-duty locks for your home. Our technicians also provide pick-proof lock installation and help with broken key extraction in Arlington. Get in touch with us at (682) 253-1593 to learn more about our services!


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