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My Local Locksmith is proud to say that we are here and ready to service the city of Southlake with our expert locksmith services. Our company goes above and beyond to provide a plethora of professional locksmith services for our customers. We are not only licensed, bonded, and insured, but also have an A+ rating on the better business buero. We offer a wide variety of mobile automotive, emergency, commercial, and residential Southlake locksmith services for the Southlake community. Call our friendly dispatchers at My Local Locksmith today and find out how we can be of service to your community!

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Automotive Locksmith in Southlake

My Local Locksmith is the top trusted automotive locksmith within the Southlake community. There are several reasons why the Southlake community trusts their automotive locksmith issues to My Local Locksmith. First of all, we are a locksmith company that legally operates within the state of Texas and is fully licensed, bonded, and insured (unlike some of those other 24 hour locksmith scams). The second reason is that customer satisfaction is guaranteed when you call us to do a job. Our technicians are guaranteed to be knowledgeable, courteous, and most importantly, on time. So whether you have lost all of your car keys, need a car key re programmed, have a regular ignition key, or a push to start, you can call My Local Locksmith today.

We are a team of professional technicians, offering locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need a reliable locksmith service in Southlake, give us a call, and we will send you our team at the earliest to help you with any locksmith needs. Our expert locksmiths will solve any lockout situation you are going through including other services like lock replacement, lock re-keying, master lock installation, and service. Our wide range of services include lock-out service, emergency lockouts, 24-hour locksmith service, rekey, new lock and access control system installation, break-in repair, lock replacement or upgrades, high-security locks, alarms, and intercom installation, commercial locksmith services, automobile unlocking, key extraction from car ignition, etc.

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Remote Entry Programming

Remote entry is a feature which certain cars come with that have buttons that you can press on a remote which lock and unlock your vehicle from a distance (sometimes these even come equipped with a remote start option as well). For certain makes, models, and years of vehicles these can be programmed without the use of special tools, or what is referred to as “on board programming”. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, with some remotes you do need special tools to program them, and that is when it would be time to call My Local Southlake Locksmith. If you are unsure about what the programming procedure is for your remote entry in Southlake then simply call one of our friendly dispatches. They will answer any questions you may have or put you in contact with a locksmith that will be able to do the same.

Car Key

Southlake locksmith - Car Key Duplication

It is always wise to duplicate a car key before you have lost all of your vehicle’s keys. This way you will be sure as not to get stranded without an extra set of keys. The other advantage of duplicating your car key before you have lost it is that it is often times much cheaper to duplicate a key rather than to make a new key from scratch. This is because making a new key from scratch will usually require the locksmith to purchase a code by running the vin or key code, whereas duplicating a key does not require the locksmith to purchase any additional cuts, as they can just be duplicated.
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Car Key Replacement

Are you wondering who you can turn to for car key replacement services? You don’t have to head to your dealer to get a new key made. In fact, we can help you at My Local Southlake Locksmith. We provide mobile Southlake automotive locksmith services that includes key replacement. If you have a spare key, you’re less likely to get locked out of your vehicle. Contact us to have key replacements made today.

Customer satisfaction is our Priority

Whether you are locked out of your home, business, or car? We are here to help you. We are a local small business. All our technicians are well-trained and well-equipped. We are committed to delivering the best service to ensure that our customers are satisfied and feel safe at their property. We are available around the clock to assist our customers in an emergency. 

There are several locksmith services in the area. Almost all of these offer similar services, but what makes us different is our core values. We understand that having a secure and safe residential or commercial property is vital for your peace of mind. We strive for our customer’s satisfaction and not for money. To ensure quality service, we hire full-time employees and never outsource our work. You can count on our professional and quick locksmiths who work on different locks and security systems on the daily basis. They can deal with all types and makes of locks and advanced hardware. No matter what situation you might find yourself in related to your car, residential, or commercial space, we can help you.

We are available on call 24/7 with our emergency locksmith service ready to help you with all your locks and security-related problems. Call us now for an immediate response. 

Affordable locksmith service for you

Replacing or repairing a security system especially, in an emergency, can be expensive. If you have a lockout situation, you should consider two things before calling a locksmith company – price and experience. You should never sacrifice one for the other. If someone offers you a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Some new technicians or companies offer locksmith services at a fraction of the normal cost just to get their business started. It could be a great deal. However, you must consider the service and experience of the company before you make the final decision. We don’t hire naive or inexperienced technicians just because that would increase our profit margin a little bit. 

We prefer to deliver high-quality locksmith services through our experienced technicians without breaking your bank. We are reasonably affordable and don’t charge any hidden fees. Once you are comfortable with the price we quote you, we start work. The rates will often vary depending on the type and make of the lock as well as the problem. 

Most of the lockout situations are solved in less than an hour. Commercial lockouts can take longer if the property has a complicated or advanced security system but usually, it doesn’t take more than a day or so.

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Laser Cut Keys

A laser cut key, often referred to as a high security key, is a car key in which the cuts are made on the inside rather than on the outside of the key. This offers many advantages, one being that it is much harder to duplicate and the ignition in which the key goes into is also much harder to pick than your standard ignition. This makes the car harder to steal overall. Unfortunately, as with every advantage there is also a disadvantage. The disadvantage to laser cut keys is that a special machine is required to cut them which is much more sophisticated than your standard punch or duplication machine which can be used to cut other types of house or car keys. This means that laser cut keys are typically more complicated to cut and may be more expensive than your average key. If you need a laser cut key in Southlake, Texas, don’t hesitate to call my local locksmith today!

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Access Control

You need a mobile Southlake commercial locksmith if you are an area business owner and you want to make your commercial facilities more secure. Access control systems give you much more authority over who can enter your building as a whole or certain facilities within it. Let’s say for example you have a certain room that you only wish certain people from your company to be able and enter, that would be a solution that access control would provide. We offer access control systems through swipe cards which can be granted different authority levels as well as the more simple buzzer systems that allow you to simply press a button and “buzz” someone into your business, such as a delivery man.

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