If the Purge Were Real, How Helpful Would Locks Be?

All crime is legal for one full night of the year—that’s the premise of The Purge. Of course, we’re glad it’s fiction, but the movie is interesting enough to make you asks what-if questions.

In the movie, there’s only one thing protecting its characters from the threat of crime and violence: their homes. And what if the locks on those houses weren’t operational?

Imagining a Real-Life Purge

You might be surprised to find out just how many people have wondered and pondered over the possibility of The Purge—from Medium to The Verge, dozens of curious minds have explored this exciting possibility.

Forbes certainly thinks that a real-life Purge would be terrible for the economy. Sociologists have argued its social effects and its possibility in general.

One thing is for sure: if the Purge were ever real, you’d be in hot water for a full night. In the movie, hundreds of people stalk and storm the streets of the U.S. in a “cathartic” carnage of crime. These crimes range from petty thefts to full-blown mass murders. It’s what makes the movie so interesting.

The Purge in Arlington?

If the Purge Were Real, How Helpful Would Locks Be? 1

We don’t necessarily think of Arlington as a necessarily dangerous or crime-heavy region—it isn’t St. Louis or Texas, that’s for sure.

But that doesn’t mean crime is absent here. According to government data, there is a need to be concerned. As of April 2020, car break-ins have actually increased. Similarly, in 2018, home break-ins were at an all-time high. We’ve even had a serial killer in the vicinity.

Arlington has, like all other cities, has its threats. And those threats would be all the more urgent if something like The Purge were real.

The One Thing That Would Help: Locks

In the movie, Ethan Hawke’s plan to keep his family safe during purge night is via the installation of a sophisticated security system. And it works well for the most part. We wouldn’t have a movie if nothing happened to the protagonists.

In all fairness, locking up is the only way to protect oneself in such a situation.

No Cause to Panic: It’s All Fiction

Of course, the picture that we have so far painted in front of you is pure conjecture. But crime isn’t fiction—it happens, purge or no purge. So, get your locks fixed or installed today, because life isn’t all that different from art. So while the purge isn’t real, crime is—from residential break-ins to carjacking. If you haven’t gotten your locks checked or changed in a while, check out the residential and automotive locksmith services offered by My Local Locksmith in Arlington, VA.


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