Broken Key Extraction

A Professional Locksmith Can Help When You Need A Broken Key Extraction

When the average person has a key break off in their lock they are completely shocked. As surprised as they may be, this is something that happens commonly. Customers in Arlington, Texas routinely call us here at My Local Locksmith because a key has broken in their lock and needs to be extracted and we are happy to help them with their problem. Getting a professional locksmith to help you with this is highly recommended.

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What Should You Do If Your Key Breaks In The Lock?

The main thing is to not panic when this happens. It could be that it broke off in your car door, your house door, or even at the office. Regardless of where it happened, you will want to get the problem fixed. Whether it’s your car or the office or your home you won’t be able to use that lock until you have a broken key extraction.

You could certainly try to remedy the problem on your own but there are some risks if you choose to do so. You could do damage to the lock and the surrounding area of the door. This could end up costing you more money than would be necessary if you didn’t cause the extra damage. This can be avoided by calling a professional locksmith to take care of it for you. At My Local Locksmith, we service Arlington and the surrounding area that covers about a 30-mile radius.

We have an on-site location and we have a mobile service available. In situations where you can bring the lock in, then we can take care of it at our physical location. In other situations where you need us to come to you, we can do that with our mobile service.

Getting A Professional Diagnosis

Once one of our professional technicians take a look at your lock they can diagnose the problem and determine the best way to remedy it. Very often doing a broken key extraction will require professional tools. Because our technicians have these tools and the experience needed they can often do the extraction without any further damage to the lock or the surrounding door. 

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Will The Lock Need To Be Replaced After The Broken Key Extraction Is Completed?

If a typical layperson attempts to do the extraction they may be successful or they may do further damage. Because our technicians have the experience and the tools they are very often able to complete the procedure without additional damage to the lock or the surrounding door. This means that very often the broken key can be removed and the lock can continue to be used.

Our technicians can often make a key for you that you can begin to use immediately. Our locksmiths have done this numerous times and we would be glad to assist you should you find yourself in this type of situation.  There’s no guarantee that the lock will not need to be replaced but because our technicians have the experience and tools, the need to replace the lock can often be avoided.

How Long Does This Type Of Extraction Take?

We can’t offer any specific guarantee as to how much time it will take to complete the extraction because there are some factors unknown until you call. Some things that will determine how long it will take is if you’re able to bring the lock into our physical location or if we need to send a mobile unit out to you. Those factors aside, once the technician is able to examine the lock it usually doesn’t take more than about a half an hour for an extraction to be completed. .

Why It's Important To Extract A Broken Key As Soon As Possible

When the key breaks off in a lock and it puts you into a state of panic, you understand that you want the problem solved because of the inconvenience of not being able to access the door where the key has broken inside the lock.  Besides the inconvenience of it, another reason why it’s important to have the key removed as quickly as possible is the fact that if it remains inside it can sometimes damage components in the lock. If you try to remove it without proper tools this too might damage internal mechanisms. You can quickly and easily fix this issue in Arlington by simply calling  My Local Locksmith and we will be happy to help.

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