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Deadbolt House Lockout

Given that deadbolt locks are one of the most common locks in use today, the deadbolt type of lockout is also a very common one. However, our professional locksmiths are experienced in picking deadbolt locks, helping gain access to your home when you have lost or misplaced your keys. 

Since standard deadbolt locks use a system of spring and pins placed inside a cylinder, you can push the pins (both the bottom pins and the top) to their right positions, allowing the cylinder to rotate unimpeded by the pins. Using this locking picking technique, our locksmiths can open a deadbolt lock, allowing to gain access to your home.

Hidden Deadbolt House Lockout

The hidden deadbolt is structured in a way that the thumb turn resides on the inside part of the doors; it does not have a cylinder like typical deadbolt locks do. In some hidden deadbolts lock, there is just one deadbolt attached to the lock. However, the deadbolt is not attached to the cylinder as is the case with typical deadbolts. The deadbolt is located in a different part of the door, hence the term hidden deadbolt. 
In other hidden deadbolt locks, there are two deadbolts, where one is attached to the cylinder and is located right next to the lock. However, the second lock is located in a different part of the door frame, thereby being hidden.
While House lockouts from these types of locks are rare, they still happen. To give you access to your home in such cases, we typically use one of either 2 methods. The first method involves drilling another lock hole from which we can access the hidden deadbolt and open the lock. Thereafter, we install an extra lock in the lock hole we have just created. The second method involves using specialized tools to locate the hidden deadbolt, thereafter drilling a small hole right next the hidden deadbolt to gain access to the latch. Through the hole, we open the latch. Finally, we cover the hole using a special protective metal plate.
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Door Knob House Lockout

Doorknob lockouts very common types of lockout owing to the fact that you can close the doors from the outside without using the keys. As such, it is very easy for homeowners to forget the keys inside and lock themselves out of their home.
To help our clients faced with a doorknob lockout, our locksmiths have two methods to use at their disposal. The first method is the lock picking method, whereby we align the pins on springs to allow the housing cylinder to turn, thereby opening the door. We can also use the airbag method, whereby an airbag is placed in between the door, creating ample space between the lock and door side. This exposes the latch, allowing our locksmith to push it back and open the door. The airbag method is typically used when lock picking becomes difficult; for instance, in doorknobs with more than 5 pins or smart lock doorknobs.

Smart Locks Lockout

Smart locks, unlike the traditional deadbolt, do not operate using a system of springs and pins. Instead, these locks operate using a system of 2 cylinders, with one cylinder housed inside the other cylinder. A series of wafers attached to springs align to allow the lock to open. This lock has a structure that makes it impossible to use the lock picking method. As such, out locksmiths typically result in using the drilling method, where we drill the right where the bolts are to remove the cylinders, and, therefore, give our locksmiths access to the latch. After drilling, our locksmiths unlock the door by removing the latch.
Other lockout services that we offer include Entry lever lock lockout services, garage door lockout, rim lock lockout services, mortise lock lockout services, and much more.

We Are Experienced

Dealing with house lockouts requires immense experience. Our locksmiths have ample experience and they have dealt with any and all situation. As such, our locksmiths are able to work much faster and more efficiently, taking a considerably shorter time to give you access to your home.

We Are Trusted

My Local Locksmith has been rendering services for years, diligently serving hundreds of homeowners and business owners with whatever service they need. Importantly, throughout the existence of our company, we have always rendered high-quality services while being very open and honest with our customers and clients. As such, we have developed a reputation for being a trustworthy company that can be relied upon to serve customers’ and clients’ prioritizing their interest.

Our Team Of Professional Locksmith Are Well-Trained

The locksmith industry is an age-old industry. However, it is a very dynamic industry with changes occurring with every turning day. Each year, new, more refined, and more advanced locks hit the market. As an organization interested in serving our clients and customers, we always continuously train our locksmiths to ensure stay abreast of the latest technologies, techniques, and knowledge in the locksmith industry. When you call upon us, you can rest assured you are in good hands. 

We Are Licensed

As you can appreciate, your home’s security should never be compromised. With that in mind, it is important to ensure that you hire a locksmith that is licensed and recognized by the licensing body. Dealing with licensed companies ensures your home’s security is never in doubt during and after the house lockout. My Local Locksmith is fully licensed and operates in strict adherence to industry rules and regulations.

Our Services Are Client-Centric

We make it a priority to render client-centric services to our clients regardless of the task we are charged to handle. For instance, in the case of lockout services, we ensure that we get to you as fast as possible in an effort to reduce any inconvenience and suffering you may be experiencing. 

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