Different kind of Locksmith Services in Grapevine

residential locksmith Arlington
residential locksmith Arlington

Being a locksmith isn’t just about unlocking or changing locks anymore. Nowadays, locksmith experts offer a wide variety of services, which are often accessible through service providers and range from simply replacing locks to complicated installation of high-security locks. These services are all related to locks and security systems but their applications also go across different industries. From securing your residential spaces and vehicle to industrial security, there is a corresponding locksmith service that will help you in any kind of security-related situation. Below are some of the common types of locksmith services that are being offered in Grapevine. 

Residential locksmith service

Some of the most common locksmith services involve domestic lock and security services. Improving domestic security is among the primary locksmith services that every locksmith company offers, and many of the clients are local homeowners. A residential locksmith is a specialized field and it includes installing an entire lock system throughout the property or simply unlocking the main door when the key is lost. There are also some advanced residential security services that can be requested by homeowners. For example, they might need to install a safe or a vault in a room. For more progressive providers, building an effective room can be a deal. The basic services of residential locksmiths consist of key cutting, duplication, and lock picking. 

Commercial locksmith services

Unlike residential locksmiths, commercial technicians are involved in much bigger projects concerning security. Many locksmiths offer complete security solutions to small offices, shops, schools, or even large enterprises such as commercial banks, etc. in essence, a comprehensive commercial locksmith is more trained and deals with advanced tools and techniques. Their services include installing security cameras, motion detectors and sensors, and CCTV cameras, etc. The usual security system also consists of biometric or fingerprint-based locks that are high-security locks and need specialized locksmiths for installation or maintenance. 

Car locksmith services

It is not uncommon when someone forgets their key inside the car and locks it. In an event like that, you might need an emergency locksmith service. Today most locksmiths offer call-in requests for a locksmith service so that you can seek their assistance whenever you need them. It doesn’t matter when you are locked out of your car as most professional locksmith services work around the class and will come to you if you are in their working region. So, when people lose their keys, break them in the ignition, or unfortunately lock themselves out of their vehicle, they can make a quick call, inform them about the vehicle and other details so they would come prepared and wait to be rescued.


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