What type of keys can a locksmith duplicate?

Some people say that the locksmith industry is now gradually decreasing because of emerging store key machines. To burst that bubble, locksmiths are here to stay. They are way more reliable than a standard key-making machine. As much as security technologies are evolving, burglars are also coming up with different advanced techniques to break into properties. People should remember that locksmiths are still more efficient in working with different keys. Take note of the following key types that locksmiths commonly provide:

Traditional Types of Keys

The common key types that craftsmen can produce are four-sided and double-sided, tubular, paracentric, and skeleton keys. Four-sided and double-sided keys are often used for residential purposes. Aside from their durability, these keys are more difficult to pick because of their two to four sets of teeth. Also known as barrel keys, tubular keys are often used in slot machines, elevators, and bicycles. Paracentric keys make lockpicking harder with their tiny teeth at the key end. As for skeleton keys, they are universal and can open any type of lock with its serrated edge removed.

12 Keys That Locksmiths Can Create or Duplicate and Where They Work Best

“Do Not Duplicate” Keys

There is no such thing as an illegal duplication of keys unless a certain key is registered to a master system. There are no specific laws prohibiting the cutting of keys with “do not copy” stamps on its key head. You do not have to worry about these stamps as they do not really matter. Licensed locksmiths can still provide its duplicates even though hardware stores may discourage it. Too often, these engraved messages are just recommendations. It has no legal bearing at all. So the next time you need to have copies of a stamped key, go ahead and contact locksmithing professional.

Deadbolt Keys

If you want to secure your door more or your home does not have a security system yet, you can have your door’s deadbolt key made or duplicated. Professional locksmiths can copy any type of deadbolts, be it single cylinder, double cylinder, or lockable thumb turn. Most homeowners opt for this service to increase their property’s safety and keep uninvited persons away.

Padlock Keys

Trained locksmiths can easily deal with key-based padlocks. People usually ask for padlock keys from locksmiths to protect smaller items or possessions, like bikes. However, it is important to remember that some padlocks are irreplicable. The good thing is, locksmiths can identify the type of padlock you have. Before performing any procedures, locksmiths have to know first whether your lock can be copied or not.

Knoblock Keys

This type of key is older compared to other types, but you may still have them duplicated when necessary. This is actually one of the most common locks that households go for, often used as an alternative to deadbolts. Producing cuts for Knoblock keys is quite a basic task. Like padlock keys, locksmiths can easily make this type in a short time span. Nonetheless, it should be noted that Knoblocks are easy to pick. They should be duplicated for Knoblock doors only if you are out of budget or it is your last resort for your home’s security.

Car Keys

Automotive locksmiths specialize in car key replacement, duplication, and production. Your car is probably one of your most prized possessions, so you have to be careful in hiring a professional to deal with its keys. With this, working with vehicle keys is often regarded as a complicated and technical job. Locksmiths often consider the design, model, and year when making a key type for customers. They put more attention and effort when duplicating car keys.

What type of keys can a locksmith duplicate? 1
What type of keys can a locksmith duplicate? 2
What type of keys can a locksmith duplicate? 3
What type of keys can a locksmith duplicate? 4

Transponder Keys

Having your transponder keys programmed is best recommended when you totally lose access to your vehicle, especially for those post-1995 units. This is more crucial if your original keys are misplaced or stolen. The best thing you can do is to hire an automotive locksmith who can perform the task even without existing working keys. Through your transceiver, the locksmith can find your key code and copy it into a blank, new one. You might want to DIY and reprogram your transponder key, but it can be hassling. You can also cause more harm to your car’s system. Better yet, leave the job to a professional.

Mechanically Cut Car Keys

Mechanically cut car keys are easy to duplicate. It has cuts on one side and should only be inserted into the ignition one way. Flipping it will fail an automobile’s successful operation. Whilst all car keys have unique features, dealing with mechanically made car keys can be a bit harder. You can contact an automotive locksmith to replicate your car keys if you do not need them made through a transponder or laser. Locksmiths commonly perform this method even on older vehicles.

Laser Cut Car Keys

This type of key is considered safer and more popular among vehicle owners. Unlike mechanically made car keys, those laser cuts can fit in the ignition system even when faced up. Its grooves are on both sides of the key metal, so criminals will have a hard time copying it accurately. Chances are, they will not be able to barge into your car. Though often compared to mechanically cut ones, it is still up to the owner’s discretion to choose which one is better based on personal preferences. However, car owners should note that laser keys are more precise. Most customers prefer it more because of its high-security level for automotive. It is sleeker and more advanced as well, so techy people prefer this key type.

transponder key
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Valet Keys

Valets are usually hired in restaurants or other places, but they need the right keys to access their employees’ vehicles. Yet, valets do not have to stay longer, or even enter the car at all if not instructed to do so. This is why valet keys have distinct, limited purposes than normal car keys. They help valets unlock doors, but not the car’s compartments. They can also start their ignition system. Automotive locksmiths can help provide copies of valet keys to business owners when necessary.

Furniture Keys

As a business or homeowner, you might want to access your cabinet, work desk, or drawers. Contact a residential or commercial locksmith nearby to assist you with your furniture’s locks. They can easily perform the task with the proper tools and measures. Having this type of key made is even better for old furniture or if you need an updated one. Usually, sliding glass doors also involve these push buttons or bolt-style locks.

Mailbox Keys

You might need to have copies of your mailbox keys if you share the same roof with your family, partner, or other friends. Although this key type is easy to duplicate, they often get lost. Even store key-making machines that have this type of cut are limited and hard to find. You can contact a trusted locksmith practitioner to help you with your mailbox access issues.

TSA Lock Keys

If you are traveling and you need to have your TSA keys duplicated, locksmiths are still the ones to call. Although this is not a common task for a locksmith to do, they can still make copies of your master key in a relatively easy way. Locksmiths can also replace this type of lock quickly, so you might want to have spare keys only if you have a trusted lock.

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