How Often Should You Rekey Your Locks?

Have you ever wondered what if someone crashes into your house or at a business location? Well, even the thought is daunting. But breaking-in, intrusion, robberies, and other criminal acts are common in Arlington, Texas, or anywhere in the world. 

Such activities require adept measures to prevent them. Meanwhile, the first thing that hits your mind is ensuring that door locks are in place and are effective. You cannot always change the locks every now and then. 

Therefore, rekey locks come to the rescue. 

Let’s talk about this in detail.

What Does It Mean to Rekey Locks?

Rekey locks mean that you change the working key of the lock, but you don’t need to change the lock. In simpler words, the old locks remain the same, but the old key is no longer functional to it.

One might ask, how is that done? It happens by changing some parts of the lock known as the key pins so that it doesn’t respond to the old set of keys.

The process might seem taxing, but it’s quite the opposite of it. Rekeying locks is actually a feasible task than changing the whole lock.

How Often Should You Rekey Your Locks? 1

How Often Should a Homeowner Rekey Locks?

The frequency of rekeying locks entirely depends on certain situations. But for domestic rekey locks, the decision falls on factors like:

  • You lost the old key and afraid that someone finds it.
  • Preventing someone from accessing the house who already has the key. This is possible when the house you have shifted was a home to someone else previously.
  • There was a recent intrusion, and you want to ensure that the security is intact.
  • When you lost count of the number of copies you had, and the chances are that some of the keys might be lost.

But you know what? It’s not the homeowners who require a higher level of safety alone. But businesses are at security risks too. Therefore, you should consider rekeying the business locks as well.

How Often Should a Business Rekey Locks?

One might fail to recognize, but security is equally crucial in commercial areas as they are at residential places. So why let that compromise?

Rekeying locks of the business property enhance security measures. But how frequently should you consider rekeying the locks? 

For businesses, it’s ideal that they rekey locks after every 6 to 12 months, considering the stakes of risk are high as many people come in and go out of the business property on a daily basis. However, there are certain factors too that affect the frequency of rekeying the locks at commercial offices:

  • When there is high labor turnover.
  • If there is a loss of office or commercial area key.
  • When there has been an intrusion previously.
  • Ensuring the safety of valuable assets and therefore regularly rekeying the locks.

Rekey Locks is a best practice a commercial or residential owner can abide by while ensuring that they don’t splurge on them heavily.

Rekey Locks

Benefits Of Rekeying Locks Often

While there is no set time period after which you should consider rekeying the lock, it is surely an adequate step towards safety insurance. So let go through the benefits that you can potentially achieve with rekey locks.

  1. Cost-Effective Security Measure

Not everyone can afford to have a surveillance system in place or even change the locks regularly in Arlington, Texas. However, considering that the crime rates are high, these practices aren’t an option but become a compulsion.

Therefore, rekey locks are the most effective and efficient way to ensure that crimes are avoided at residential and commercial places.

  1. Quick Solution

Considering the level of crime in Arlington, Texas, it’s unimaginable to waste so much money on a frequent basis to change the locks. However, with the rekey locks, you get maximum security while employing the littlest of time. 

Isn’t it a quick solution? After all, some movements of the key pins on old locks are needed.

  1. Ensures Security

Changing the locks, installing security cameras, and other security measures can heavy on the pocket, and therefore you tend to delay them as much as possible. However, security is something that you should neglect even for a minute. That’s where rekey locks is the adequate measure to take as it is quick to do, easy on the budget, and topmost provides with peace of mind. What else do you need?

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