Fire Safety! Locksmith and Security: 5 Must-Keep Security Practices

Fire safety is the first and foremost priority of the residents of Arlington, Texas. When we combine Fire safety with Locksmith and Security, it takes a lot of detailing and care to ensure that the building is safe from fire and other security hazards.

While installing doors and locks on your property, locksmiths, like My Local Locksmiths in Arlington, Texas, focus on fire safety too. Locksmiths make sure that doors and windows are not only in compliance with fire regulations but are also safe from other security threats. 

Let’s see how Locksmiths help in making doors safe from fire and other security hazards.

1. Locks that are Easy to open from the Inside

Tenants and residents should be able to pass through easily and without the need for a key as part of security and fire safety. Assuming a fire occurs in the building and the key is somewhere inside the building, people would just be trapped in the burning building without an escape route while the key is somewhere inside the still-burning structure. Property owners seldom take heed of this very obvious hazard risk. Install locks that are easy to open from inside.

A fire-safe door lock will allow tenants and residents of a residential or commercial building to easily exit the property if a fire breaks out, providing that there is no need for a key. Generally, Fire safe locks are classified into three categories.

  • Escape mortice deadlocks 

Normally installed with a thumb-turn Euro cylinder, escape mortice deadlocks allow escape via an inside knob. Escape mortice deadlocks can be installed reasonably inexpensively and paired with a range of euro cylinders which range in security thus allowing you to personalize your locks to an even greater degree. These are often recommended for HMOs or properties with more than three different tenants. You can call My Local Locksmiths to install such locks on your property.

  • Mortice night latches   

Designed to be operated by just moving the handle up or down, these are also safe to use without a key and are a good escape route if a fire breaks out. These are normally anti-slip, so they provide excellent safety, and most of them are BS 3621-compliant, so your home insurance needs will be met. Experts at My Local Locksmiths know very well how to install and keep such locks safe.

  • Break Glass locks  

These are seldom used since they cannot be installed on an exit used by the public or in buildings with more than ten residents or at the bottom of stairs. If the glass of these locks breaks, then they must be replaced, so again this is not an effective method of securing and protecting against fire. A professional locksmith like My Local Locksmiths knows how to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of such locks.

Escape should always be the number one priority, so these locks should be installed on all types of fire doors.


2. The Door as a Whole

All doors in a block flat should be fire doors. In practical terms, this means it must hold fire inside the flat as long as possible without causing damage to nearby properties and allowing residents/tenants to escape quickly.

Emergency Locksmith

3. Closers for Doors

One must equip fire doors with door closers, which automatically close the door when released. It will be a matter of minutes for a fire to destroy a number of properties if it is set free. In a fire situation, when people are hurrying to leave a building, the door closer makes sure that the door is closed behind them and seals the fire. 

Even if you do not currently have a door closer to your door, you can easily get it installed by My Local Locksmith, ensuring that your property is protected from fires.

4.  Putting Seals on Doors

You can install a series of special seals along all of the edges of the door, which expand upon detection of fire, ensuring that the fire remains in the flat and does not spread into the rest of the building. This is an ingenious yet simple design. If you do not already have one of these on your door, it can still be added with the right locksmith and the right equipment.

5. The Hardware of the Door

It is better to use screws and hinges that have a higher melting point than plastic or aluminum. Metals with high melting points like iron and steel are acceptable materials, as these ascertain the door will stay on its hinges in case of a fire and keep the fire in one location for as long as possible.

If you want to ensure the fire safety of your building in Arlington, Texas, then My Local Blacksmith should be your no#1 priority to call in for locksmith and security installations.


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