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Is Being a Locksmith The Right Career for Me?

“Just like any other trades, there are upsides and downsides to being a locksmith. When deciding any career it is important to look at the upsides and downsides, and decide whether that career is a good fit for you. If you decide to become a locksmith, one thing you should like doing is working with your hands.”

Manual Labor

Although not traditionally manual like construction or working at a warehouse, being a locksmith is definitely a manual job.You are constantly working with your hands, lifting heavy toolboxes and re key sets. Also, if you are not careful you may find yourself stabbing your own hands multiple times when trying to re key a customer’s lock. If your hands are already used to punishment they may not suffer from the stabbing. However, if your hands are soft you may find them getting adjusted over time. You may soon find yourself paying more attention the the life cycle of your skin than someone should be.

24 hour work

Although it is not necessary, if you wish to be a locksmith you may want to consider working during 24 hour emergency locksmith shifts. You may get bigger bonuses for working during these times. Also know that locksmith work is not constant. This may demand you to work late nights if you did not get enough clients during the day. Some of the most common times that people have lockouts are late at night (after people get off work), and very early in the morning (before people go to work).

Looking For Affordable Locksmith in Arlington?

Licensed and Bonded

You should be aware that different states have different licensing requirements. In Texas in order to work as a locksmith you must be licensed and bonded. Usually to be licensed and bonded you must be employed by, our about to be employed by, a professional locksmith service. The application process is very simple in Texas.

Application Process to Become a Professional Locksmith

You simply go to https://tops.portal.texas.gov/psp-self-service/login/auth and create an account. Once you have created an account you will then fill out an aplication. This appliation will ensure that a background check is run. Only then can you be approved to work as a locksmith in the state of texas. Some critics may claim that an application process is simply another means for the government to extort decent, hard working americans out of more money.

Proponents for Application Process

However, there are also people who support legislation that requires locksmiths to be licensed and bonded. These people claim that requiring licenses prevents crime and acts as a sort of quality control of who can work in an industry which is vital for our 24 hour emergency security needs. Whichever position you happen to believe is the correct one, we do live in a representative democracy. It is the legislative branch’s job to create laws, therefore, if you wish to do something about this you should use those means.

Looking For Affordable Locksmith in Arlington?