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Schlage Vs Kwikset

“The two most common types of residential locks are Schlage and Kwikset. Although they have many similarities, there are some noticeable differences between the two brands. Here are some things to consider when using your residential locksmith to install new locks for your home. The first thing you may wish to consider is price.”

“Schlage’s residential locks tend to be more expensive than kwikset. Some people believe that Schlage’s locks are safer, however, if we are being honest, we would have to say that the jury is still out on that one.”

Schlage’s heftier price might be due to their more stylish design. What a client wishes to spend their money on is entirely up to them. If what they desire is a more stylish door handle, then any 24 hour emergency locksmith service should be able to fulfill their needs. That is why all of our licensed and bonded locksmiths are specifically trained to help you meet any locksmith need you may have

Difficulty to Set Up

Kwikset is generally thought to be a little tougher to assemble than Schleg. That is why some locksmiths may charge more to re key, install, or assemble kwikset’s rather than Schlegs. It takes up more of their time so the cost of labor may generally be higher. However, if a homeowner wishes to go the DIY route, he may wish to dish out the extra 20 dollars to save him those extra 30 minutes in the future.

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Residential Lock Out Techniques

As kwikset and Schlage are commonly know as residential homes, we thought it would be appropriate to mention some methods our locksmiths use to help customers get back inside their homes after a house lock out. One of these methods is the raking pic method. It is a speedy method to get all the pins to align in the door. Once this occurs the keyhole will turn and the door will be unlocked. Since this method is generally more speedy, it may cost less than other methods.