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Commercial Push Bar Arlington

When people do not follow fire safety codes, the result can be the loss of human lives. That is why fire standards are very important to follow. My Local Locksmith in Arlington, Texas cares about the safety of our local community. That is why we offer services, such as commercial push bar installation in Arlington, to ensure that our community is safe and secure. A commercial push bar, often referred to as a crash bar, panic exit device, or a panic bar, is a kind of door opening mechanism. This mechanism allows users to open the door by pushing a bar. This device was originally developed to prevent stampedes during an emergency situation. However, due to the fact that it is a much more convenient opening mechanism than your standard door handle or door knob, it is now the primary opening mechanism of many commercial buildings.

Commercial Fire Standards History

The Victoria Hall Stampede occurred on the 16th of June 1883. 183 children passed away due to a door which had been bolted at the bottom of a staircase. It was at this moment that the British government began requiring minimum standards for building safety.

The United States government did not follow suit until later. 605 people passed away during the Iroquois Theater Fire in Chicago on December 1903 due to iron gates blocking exits. Five years later 174 people in Ohio passed on during the Collinwood school fire, these events eventually led to a national outcry in the U.S. for greater fire safety in buildings.

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Commercial Push Bar Installation

Modern fire standards in the city of Arlington, and elsewhere in the United States, require that push bars (or crash bars) be fitted in commercial properties, or large scale residential properties where there is a chance that a mass evacuation will need to take place. The push bar device consists of a spring-loaded metal bar. This metal bar is fixed horizontally to the door, which swings in the direction of an exit. When the bar is depressed, or when it is pushed inwards, it activates the spring loaded mechanism which unlatches the door. This allows occupants to quickly leave the building.

Push Paddle Installation

In Arlington Texas, many commercial buildings do not only need to be fitter with your standard push bar. Fire Standards also require that in some situations, doors also be fitted with push paddles. Our goal at My Local Locksmith is to do everything we can to meet the security and safety needs of our community right here in Arlington, Texas. That is why on top of offering commercial Push Bar Installation, we also offer push paddle installation. Call My Local locksmith today, our licensed and bonded locksmiths will take care of getting your commercial property up to fire and safety standards.

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