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Here at My local locksmith Texas our priority is to provide services which help out our community. We know that security is vital for a community to thrive. That is why we offer high security solutions for commercial and residential properties. Our team of licensed and bonded locksmiths are friendly, professional, and always offer reliable services at cost effective prices.

As part of our commitment to offer high security locksmith services in arlington, we are offering residents access control security systems. An access control system is a security system which allows you to place security restrictions on who can enter certain parts of your home or commercial property. This is great, for example, if you would only like certain employees to have access to certain parts of your workplace.

Electromagnetic Lock

My Local Locksmith TX is based right here in Arlington Texas. It is your one stop shop for all of your locksmith needs. Some other features that our customers love which come with our access control include tracking. Access control is granted through a key card. This means that you can monitor who is going in and out of certain rooms and know at exactly what time this foot traffic has occurred. One piece of technology that helps us achieve this goal is the electromagnetic lock, sometimes called by its shorter name, the “Mag lock”. The magnetic lock gets its name because it uses an electromagnetic field to function.

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Magnetic Keyed Lock

A magnetic field is created by a changing electric field. A moving charged particle has a changing electric field, that means that it will also create a magnetic field around the charged particles. This principle is what makes electromagnets work. An Electromagnet is a type of magnet that has its magnetic field created due to a current of electrons. The running current (moving charged particles) produce a magnetic field that make the electromagnetic lock work.

Electric Strike

An electric strike is another method for creating access control security systems. It usually comes with two different kinds of mechanism, fail secure and fail safe. In a fail secure mechanism giving the strike and electric current will cause it to unlock. In a fail safe mechanism, applying an electric to the strike will automatically lock. There are new mechanisms which can now go back and forth between fail secure and fail safe, as needed by the client. Here at My Local Locksmith we specialize in installing access control systems with these specifications that are needed by the business and meet the legal standards of NFPA fire and safety guidelines.

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